Ronny Chieng’s Dad Gifted Him US Online Fake Rolex Watches Just Before He Passed Away

For every luxury replica watches collector, there’s always that one timepiece that holds the most value in your collection, and we’re not talking about price tags.

Often, certain 1:1 AAA fake watches hold a certain emotional value and can never be replaced. For Ronny Chieng, it’s a two-tone high quality Rolex Datejust replica watches.

“This was the only watches he had, so growing up, this is the Swiss cheap fake watches you would see everywhere in the house,” he said in the episode.

The timepiece was given to Chieng by his father when he returned to visit him in Singapore.

“One day I came back to Singapore where he lived, and I asked him, ‘what happened to that top online Rolex fake watches’?” Chieng explained. “I said like, ‘I’m not trying to get stuff from you, but if you’re not wearing it, I’d love to be able to wear it’… So he just gave it to me.”

Chieng jokingly described the wholesale replica watches’ two-tone colour as reminscent of a “very old, Chinese person”. Although he said he would have never picked it in a shop, he admitted that “it works with a white T-shirt, it works with a suit. It works if you’re dressed down and it’s kind of like that accent piece.”

Chieng’s father unexpectedly passed away two years ago, and the timepiece was given to him just before he passed. “I could lose everything here, but this is probably the only one that is pretty special to me,” he said, referring to the other Swiss movements copy watches in his collection.

Chieng’s father also gifted him an art deco style Omega Seamaster. It was part of a “bag of garbage Omegas” that his father had purchased in China in the 1990s.

Chieng brought the timepieces for repair back in Malaysia, and the Omega Seamaster was the only one that was fixed. Chieng describes it as a “beautiful dress best replica watches”.

Chieng’s watches collection focuses mainly on perfect US replica Rolex watches, Omega and Seiko. He owns a Seiko Ref. 6139-6010 Speed-Timer Dial Variant with a black dial, inspired by Bruce Lee, who is believed to have worn the replica watches for sale. He also owns the Seiko Ref. 6139-6010, a timepiece dubbed the “True Bruce Lee”.  

Some of his recent acquisitions include fake Rolex Submariner “Hulk” with a green-on-green dial. At the time, Chieng had just landed a role in Marvel movie Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings. “If there’s any super clone watches shop wholesale that has a connection to Marvel, it’s the Hulk,” Chieng said.

How fake Rolex became the top luxury US watches brand in the world from its humble origins as a tool for professionals?

When 1:1 US replica watches aficionado Adam Golden stopped into his local Swiss made Rolex fake watches dealer’s shop in Florida this summer, there was just a solitary ladies’ Datejust in the case available for sale.

Had the customer who originally ordered it not changed their mind, there would have been zero, he said.

Rolex reportedly makes close to a million AAA replica watches per year, and advertisements are almost everywhere, but actually finding one to buy can prove to be an exercise in futility.

Its Swiss movements replica watches have always been expensive, but the scarcity and pricing today are a far cry from the days when distributors had plenty of inventory to sell at more negotiable prices, according to Jeffrey Hess, cheap Rolex fake watches collector and the co-author of luxury replica Rolex watches: An Unauthorized History.

Rolex replica watches online did not respond to Insider’s request for comment on this story.

“Back then, anybody could afford a Rolex,” Hess told Insider. “I drove around buying [Daytonas] for $3,000. Today, it’s a $50,000 item on the secondary market.”

Hess said the 1980’s marked a turning point in the company’s public image, during which the brand went from being an essential precision tool for professionals and adventurers to become the highly prized luxury collectible it is today.

“This top replica watches was never meant to be a fashion best fake watches,” he said. “It was meant to be a roughneck’s high quality replica watches. It was meant to be fake watches for sale for swimmers, submariners, explorers.”

Indeed, for much of the Twentieth Century, wholesale fake Rolex watches under its founder Hans Wilsdorf was at the cutting edge of horological innovation. From the radical idea to put a clock on a wrist, to plunging it into the English Channel, to summiting Mount Everest, to clocking land speed records, the brand emphasized utility and reliability above all else.

When Wilsdorf died in 1960, he was succeeded by AAA Rolex copy watches’ marketing director, André Heiniger, who spearheaded the decades-long effort to secure the brand’s synonymity with luxury.

“Rolex,” Heiniger reportedly said, “is not in the replica watches store online business. We are in the luxury business.”

True to form, the brand boosted its visibility with placements in Hollywood films, sporting event sponsorships, and philanthropic awards. It also instituted a tighter grip on its supply, which enabled it to increase quality controls and maintain an allure of scarcity.

By the 1970’s, these efforts to project an image of reliability and stability put Rolex fake watches for men and women in prime position to be a safe store of value during economic uncertainty. For example, the US abandoned the gold standard for the dollar in 1971, in 1972 Italy tightened its control of the Lira, and in 1973 an oil crisis sent the market reeling.

The Italians were the first to embrace the vintage best quality super clone Rolex watches business, Hess said, because US luxury replica watches were a stable and portable alternative to currency during this period.

Dealers would buy luxury replica watches in Switzerland to carry across the border and sell in Italy. Italians would then wear the 1:1 top Rolex fake watches, Audemars Piguets, and Patek Philippes to the US and elsewhere where they would sell them for many times the amount of cash they could otherwise bring with them. Thus a collectors’ market was born.

Heiniger retired in 1997, but the company has stuck to the playbook he perfected, even as more precise, versatile, and affordable alternatives have replaced best Swiss replica Rolex watches’ original purpose.

If anything, the intervening decades have supercharged the growth of the category. As a private (and notoriously secretive) company, cheap Rolex fake watches shop doesn’t disclose its financials, but Morgan Stanley estimated the company made 5.2 billion Swiss Francs in sales for 2019.

Meanwhile, a recent study from McKinsey and the Business of Fashion projects the secondary market for luxury Swiss made replica watches to top $29 billion in sales by 2025.

“There’s a lot less trust right now in the stability of fiat currencies than what we had before,” Tim Stracke, CEO of Chrono24, the world’s largest online luxury replica watches with Swiss movements marketplace, said in an interview.

“If I compare the stability of a Euro, or US dollar, versus Rolex Daytona fake watches wholesale, a bitcoin, a kilogram of gold? I’d rather have the hard assets,” Stracke said.

That reputation has helped best AAA fake Rolex watches crush the competition with a quarter of the luxury replica watches market — more than double that of runner-up Omega. Plus, online 1:1 replica Rolex watches’ dominance is self-reinforcing, Hess says.

“It’s the cheap quality fake watches that all these guys buy when they make it,” he said. “They all buy the little wannabe Swiss movements Rolex knockoff watches brands in the beginning and finally, when they achieve success, they buy US replica Rolex watches.”

In other words, without AAA perfect fake Rolex watches, you really haven’t arrived yet. It’s not just the emblem of luxury, it’s the front door.

Vintage US Rolex Fake Watches For Collecting

Last week, Eric Wind, the owner of Wind Vintage, a prominent vintage Swiss movements replica watches dealer, posted a photo of a badly damaged perfect Swiss Rolex replica watches to his Instagram feed, with a caption that began: “What happens if a 2,000-pound bull steps on your 1:1 fake Rolex Explorer reference 1016 watches?”

The short answer: You send it to Greg Petronzi.

The New York City-based best fake Rolex watches repair specialist is a rare breed: Not only is he a well-regarded watchmaker with a thriving business (@True_Patina) among Swiss movements copy Rolex watches and Swiss made replica Tudor watches collectors and dealers, many of whom regularly send him their prized timepieces (“Big Crowns,” “MilSubs,” you name it), he’s also a passionate and astute super clone Rolex watches online store collector himself, with a deep knowledge of the nuances of vintage replica watches shop online ownership (i.e., the perils of polishing).

“I understand the collector mentality and the obsessiveness about how careful everything needs to be,” Petronzi says.

Empathy, after all, is part of his job description (albeit not for watchmaking): Petronzi is a full-time psychologist specializing in adults with relational issues, depression and anxiety. (And yes, he occasionally turns the analysis on himself: “I’ve always wondered: Why am I so into replica watches for men?” Petronzi says. “One time, I had a supervisor on a case, and he said, ‘Greg, do you ever think you’re just trying to buy time?’ I think there’s a reality to that.”)

Like many collectors, Petronzi got his start with Swatch when he was in middle school. He became serious about timepieces when he was an undergraduate majoring in psychology at New York University in the early 2000s and began to collect Rolex fake watches wholesale—mostly pre-owned Submariners and GMTs. After graduating in 2005, Petronzi pursued additional degrees—first a master’s in counseling for mental health and wellness from NYU, which he completed in 2008, followed by a PhD in counseling psychology from Seton Hall University in 2016.

In the midst of his schooling, Petronzi met a veteran watchmaker named Rik Dietel on the US cheap Rolex imitation watches Forum. Once he completed his PhD and had more free time, Petronzi began to explore his nascent interest in AAA top replica watches repair, with Deitel’s encouragement. In 2016, he took an introductory watchmaking course at the Horological Society of New York. “It was my first experience manipulating parts on perfect fake watches and I found it was easy for me,” Petronzi says.

Encouraged by his affinity for working with mechanical movements, Petronzi embarked on a mission to learn all he could about the top quality replica Rolex watches and Tudor knockoff watches for sale that were his passion. He apprenticed under Dietel, studied YouTube videos, and bought movements to disassemble and reassemble.

“My initial goal was just to learn it,” Petronzi said. “I felt that watchmakers were like the key makers from ‘The Matrix’—they have all the keys to all the doors to make things happen.”

The insider knowledge and connections he’d formed as a collector (through communities such as RedBar) helped Petronzi build a client base early on in his watchmaking career. After he took on his first official wholesale replica watches repair client in 2018, it didn’t take him long to recognize he had a talent for restoring cosmetic details, such as hands and dials, a knack he attributes to his mother, a lifelong artist.

A few years ago, Petronzi noticed that clients were paying up to $1,200 for “a specific and distinctly dome-shaped plastic crystal” that appeared on early Submariner models.

“In the early ’80s, luxury Rolex fake watches switched this dome out for a flatter, different shaped dome altogether,” he says. “Then they moved to sapphire instead of acrylic. But acrylic has a warmth to it that sapphire doesn’t have. And the flatter crystal doesn’t showcase the dial in nearly as pleasing a way as what collectors call ‘superdomes.’”

Petronzi saw a timely business opportunity.

“People want these domes today but they’re hard, if not impossible, to source,” he says. “I got a few aftermarket variants but they were such trash. They distorted the dial, the dome shapes were incorrect. I said, ‘I wonder if I can get an original dome reverse-engineered?’”

In 2019, Petronzi and two business partners founded TrueDome to supply acrylic crystals faithful to best quality replica Rolex’s original designs (the company has since expanded its selection to include crystals for vintage Swiss top fake Rolex GMTs, Daytonas, Explorers and Tudor Submariners).

“Fortuitously, a few months after the company was formed, AAA luxury Rolex replica watches announced they would no longer be making acrylic crystals or even service them,” he says. “It went from being a passion project to something the collector community would benefit from.”

Petronzi knew that if the TrueDome crystals weren’t perfect, collectors would never let him forget it. “They get wound up about not only is the crystal acrylic or sapphire, but is the sidewall too high or too short?” he says. “We’re talking microns of variance.”

Today, as Petronzi prepares to send off his 400th US Swiss fake watches repair invoice, he waxes philosophical about why collectors devote so much attention to horological minutiae.

“There’s something sort of metaphysical about Swiss made perfect replica watches and timekeeping in general,” he says. “We try to quantify time, to understand our lives, to understand where we’re going. And vintage cheap quality fake watches—it’s a slice of time. Not only does it tell time in the present, but it also tells time in the past. It becomes part of people’s lives, a representation of time spent.

“That’s why people get so obsessed—it’s a way for them to sublimate their lives, and take attention off something they can’t control, like Covid, and put it on something they can control, which is the condition of their replica Rolex watches for sale,” says Petronzi. “So it becomes more than just the high quality fake watches for men, but what it represents, which is stability for people.”