Paul Newman-owned Rolex Daytona Fake Watches Wholesale Head To Auction (Not That One!)

No watch at auction has ever created as much media hype as a scuffed up 1968 Rolex Daytona replica watches for sale, given as a gift to Hollywood icon Paul Newman by his wife, which achieved a world record price of $17.75 million in 2017.

Arguably, that sale also triggered the frenzy of demand for best Rolex fake watches that has transformed the entire watch market ever since.

With power like that, it is little wonder that second high quality replica Rolex Daytona watches, once owned by Paul Newman, is likely to set the auction world alight when the watch goes across the block at Sotheby’s in December.

Unlike the $17m Daytona, the Swiss made Rolex copy watches in question is not one that Mr Newman is known to have worn regularly, and was given away as a gift to a fellow racing enthusiast, Hollywood daredevil and stuntman who doubled for the actor in several movies, leading to them becoming close friends.

The daredevil in question is Stan Barrett, whose adrenaline-seeking led him to attempt to become the first person to break the speed of sound on land in 1979, travelling at more than 700 mph in the Budweiser Rocket Car.

WATCHPRO columnist Simon de Burton picks up the story of Mr Newman and his double Mr Barrett, and finds out why a pair of steel AAA China Rolex replica watches worn during the Rocket Car attempt could realize more than $600,000 when they cross the block at Sotheby’s in December.

During the final run at Edwards Air Force Base in California on 17 December 1979, Stan Barrett wore the Cosmograph Daytona and GMT-Master.

Afterwards, he was presented with gold cheap replica Rolex GMT-Master watches by August Busch, CEO of Anheuser-Busch, the main sponsor of the Budweiser Rocket Car and ‘Project Speed of Sound’.

That perfect Rolex super clone watches will also be auctioned and could realize $100,000, with a percentage of the money from the sale of all three pieces going to a Ukraine children’s charity that Mr Barrett has supported since 1987.

But the estimates for the two steel watches could prove conservative – because both were given to Mr Barrett by Hollywood idol Paul Newman, his best friend of 40 years and the godfather to his sons: NASCAR racing driver Stanton and television producer David.

As is well known, Swiss movements Rolex Daytona fake watches gifted to Mr Newman by wife Joanne Woodward remains the most expensive wrist watch ever auctioned following its sale for $17.7m at Phillips New York five years ago. As a result, any Rolex with a connection to the Hollywood legend is now deemed ultra-valuable – and the latest two to come to market should be no exception.

Although 18 years Mr Newman’s junior, Mr Barrett formed a close relationship with the star after working as his main stuntman on numerous films, starting with Sometimes a Great Notion in 1971. Barrett was particularly well suited to the job due to his remarkable resemblance to Newman.

Speaking by telephone from his Bellevue, Idaho, home in an exclusive interview for WATCHPRO, Mr Barrett said that Mr Newman had given him the 1:1 replica Rolex Daytona watches immediately on hearing about the proposed record attempt. “We were at his home in Connecticut and he just went upstairs and came down with the Daytona. He could be very funny about me having the right watch to wear, and was always extremely generous.

“About four years earlier, after he had given me the GMT-Master, I bought the same model for my father – but it got stolen. The next thing we know, my father receives a replacement from Paul in the mail.”

Insatiable horophile Mr Newman gifted several watches to Mr Barrett throughout the friendship, including a Breitling Navitimer. “That time I had arrived at his house without a watch on,” recalls Mr Barrett. “Again, he went upstairs, and came down with this Breitling – and when he handed it over to me he said ‘Stan, be careful where you wear it. It was a present from Bruce Willis’.”

But it is the China fake Rolex GMT-Master and Cosmograph Daytona watches now up for sale that are more interesting – not least since the former is tipped to realize $50,000-100,000, while the latter could achieve as much as $500,000.

While Mr Newman was photographed trying the Budweiser Rocket Car for size during practice sessions at Bonneville Salt Flats earlier in the year, he refused to watch the run proper.

“Paul called me after the Bonneville runs – during one of which the car’s canopy blew off at 600 mph – and he said ‘Stan, look, I want to support you, but everyone says you aren’t going to make it. And I don’t want to watch you die’,” recalls Mr Barrett.

To keep Mr Newman by his side in spirit, Mr Barrett strapped both gifted best quality Rolex replica watches to his left wrist – and that is where they remained while he drove the rocket car to an unofficial 739.66 mph; a speed that, if accurate, would have made him the first person to break the sound barrier on land.

But the record remains disputed due to the radar scanner being faulty, the fact that Mr Barrett only completed one run and because no one heard the tell-tale sonic boom that usually accompanies the sound barrier being broken.

All the same, no one else came close to the 700 mph mark for another 18 years until Andy Green drove Thrust SSC to 713.990 mph at Black Rock desert in September 1997, and then to 760.343 mph the following month.

Sotheby’s watch specialist Jonathon Burford says the watches relating to the Budweiser Rocket Car run will appeal to a wide range of collectors.

“They are not simply watches, but a part of American history the like of which won’t be seen again,” he told WATCHPRO. “All three were part of a moment in time that epitomizes a spirit of adventure that was so prevalent in America during the 1970s – and they will appeal to everyone from watch purists to motorsport fans and Hollywood memorabilia collectors.

“We have estimated them at what we believe to be realistic levels, but we do believe they are sufficiently significant to attract very strong bidding,” he added.

Mr Barrett says he wore the two steel top fake Rolex watches regularly and often for more than 30 years, as did his son, Stanton – until they saw the huge price realised by ‘Newman’s own’ Daytona back in 2017.

“When I saw how much that one sold for I decided that maybe it wasn’t such a smart idea for us to keep wearing the watches that Paul had given me,” he said.

“I’ll be very sad to see them go, but it feels like the right thing to do. I’ll probably give around 30 per cent to the charity Slavic Gospel that I have worked with for the past 35 years and use the rest to pay-off my property loan”.

And unless Mr Barrett has a very large loan, we suspect there might be some left-over.

A Guide To Storing Fine Wholesale Fake Rolex Watches

Whether you have one treasured watch or a collection of dozens, storing your timepieces properly is imperative for keeping them in the best possible condition. Besides ensuring that your luxury Rolex replica watches will look better, function better and last longer, proper storage can also save you money.

“Proper storage of a timepiece when not being worn is critical,” says Michael Wajszczuk, Consignment Director of Timepieces for Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills. “Certain perfect fake Rolex watches can command exorbitant premiums over retail price. This being the case, condition can heavily influence an item’s current and/or resale value. Further, should you damage your watch, repair costs can be devastating. For example, replacing a ceramic bezel on a Rolex can cost upwards of $2,000.”

To help keep watch damage at bay, follow these top storage tips.

Store watches in a dry place

“Keeping your watch in a dry environment is key to the longevity and good condition of your watch,” says Brett O’Connor, Heritage Auctions’ Senior Director of Private Sales Jewelry & Timepieces. “The biggest enemy of wrist AAA US replica Rolex watches is moisture. Over time, moisture can corrode your movement or your dial. I see it all the time – metal-plated dials that have started to rust. Once that happens, you’re in trouble.”

If you live in a humid environment or need to store your watch for several months, both O’Connor and Wajszczuk recommend using desiccant packs to absorb moisture.

“In the summertime, there’s a bit more moisture in the air than there is in the winter,” O’Connor says. “So if the storage goes from spring into summer, it can’t hurt to throw a couple of those in the drawer or safe or other space in which the 1:1 cheap Rolex copy watches are being stored, just as a safety precaution.”

Keep your watches clean

After wearing your watch, O’Connor recommends wiping it down with a soft cloth to remove oils from the metal and leather. Throughout the day, your Swiss made Rolex replica watches might come into contact with sweat, cologne or other substances, but a quick wipe-down after each wearing can keep those substances from building up.

“After you do it a few times, it will just become habit,” O’Connor says. He also notes that women should follow the same advice when it comes to storing jewelry.  “Particularly pearls,” he says, “because pearls absorb a lot of the oils and perfumes with which they come into contact.”

Consider a watch winder for automatic watches

Because an automatic wristwatch is wound by the movement of your hand as you wear it, if you have one watch you wear every day, a watch winder is probably not for you. But if you have a vast collection, or Swiss movements Rolex fake watches that you wear only on special occasions, this is a handy device to consider.

“A watch winder slowly rotates the watch like a metronome,” O’Connor says. “It keeps the watch just mildly wound, never overwound, so when you take it off the winder to wear it, you don’t have to worry about setting the time. It’s already ready to go. It’s like having your car valet – they keep it waxed and topped off, and when you’re ready to go driving, you don’t have to worry about it.”

No matter where you store your replica Rolex watches for sale, be sure they are protected

To avoid scratches or other damage, it’s essential that you keep your high quality Rolex super clone watches from coming into contact with other watches, jewelry or anything sharp.

“A fine wristwatch typically has a synthetic sapphire crystal, and though it is very durable, it’s not infallible,” O’Connor explains. “Put it up against another piece of metal or something pointy like the back of a pair of earrings and it can be scratched.”

“Regardless of the length of storage, I always recommend top Rolex replica watches to be stored in the same fashion,” Wajszczuk adds, “either in a soft pouch, which includes a card or sleeve to protect the case back, or in a box with a soft cuff surrounding the entire timepiece.”

If you want to keep your best fake Rolex watches on display, Wajszczuk recommends luxury watch cases from Wolf, Globe-Trotter, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany, but he notes that there are plentiful budget-friendly watch boxes available: “You can also find individual artists making beautiful storage options on Etsy,” he says. “Ultimately, it depends on your budget. There is a wide range of options to fit all watch lovers.”

In an ideal world, O’Connor adds, you would have a custom-fitted drawer with a dedicated space for each individual watch in your collection. But if that isn’t a possibility, and you don’t have a special watch pouch or box, wrapping your replica Rolex watches shop site in a soft cloth is a simple alternative.

“It’s an easy thing to do,” O’Connor says. “Wrap your watch in a cloth, and you’re pretty well assured that your wristwatch is going to be fine when you open it again.”