Artisans De Geneve Transforms Luxury Rolex Datejust Fake Watches Online Into Single-Hand Heure Solitaire

Artisans de Geneve has turned AAA US Rolex replica watches belonging to World Cup-winning Italian goalkeeper Gigi Buffon into a single-handed timepiece.

The Gigi x Heure Solitaire was created using Buffon’s high quality fake Rolex Datejust 41 as donor watches.

The best replica Rolex watches’ blue-tinted sapphire crystal 12-hour dial is broken down into five-minute increments, which the single hand tracks against, and reveals the skeletonized movement decorated with beadblasted and brushed finishes beneath.

The bezel of the Swiss movements Rolex copy watches has been replaced with a new stainless steel piece decorated with clous de Paris – or hobnail – guilloche, while the ‘monohand’ is hand-beveled, flame-blued and features a red hand-painted tip.

Artisans de Geneve also machined indentations on the perfect Rolex replica watches case flanks.

The transformation of the Swiss top Rolex super clone watches – which can be duplicated on request – costs CHF 33,250 (approximately $34,337 USD).