Best Quality Replica Rolex 1908 – Danny Milton

At Watches & Wonders this year, perfect replica Rolex did something it rarely ever does — it released an entirely new segment of watches, retiring the Cellini line and introducing the 1908. The latter serves as a spiritual successor to the Cellini but with an eye toward the brand’s historical penchant for making core dress fake watches for sale. What’s more, it was part of a new push by the brand to begin including exhibition casebacks into some of its models (the Daytona being the other). But the Swiss made replica Rolex 1908 is, and there’s hardly another way to put it, hot.

I may be a best 1:1 replica Rolex guy, but I’m also not much of a dress watch guy, and the 1908 really spoke to me. The design of the numerals for the “3,9,12” (including the open 9), and the classic approach to the small-seconds subdial give it a look that is almost exclusively dressy. At 39mm, it’s a tad on the large size, but it still wears so well, especially with the heft of the precious metals.

The high quality fake Rolex I pick is undoubtedly the yellow gold with the black dial because it’s a matte black, something that just screams vintage and something you don’t often see on a dress watch. This is my pick all the way.