Dear Rolex, Bring Back The Best Online Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538 Replica Watches

I know seeing the rebirth of 38mm no-crown-guard luxury US replica Rolex Submariner ref. 6538 watches is as likely as seeing the original Beatles again — #nothappening. Thankfully, we still have our regular Sunday daydreaming column, don’t we? So, if you’ll indulge me, I’ll do just that.

What were you doing 10 years ago? Personally, I remember that very clearly. I didn’t get much sleep in those days, and not for the reasons that come to the top of your dirty minds. Rather, I was working 16-18 hours a day, seven days a week trying to build my own company in the heart of Europe.

Someone in Hong Kong, however, likely has fonder memories of that time. You see, back then, there was minty and unpolished AAA fake Rolex Submariner reference 6538 watches with an original bezel insert in an auction. To quote Eric Wind, that “absolutely dead stock” example of precious 6538 with a $50,000-$75,000 pre-sale estimate sold for over $92,000. If we saw that same watch in an auction today, it could easily score five to eight times more.

The skyrocketing Rolex Submariner reference 6538

There are high quality Rolex replica watches that you could technically buy for €3,000, but you won’t buy them because there are none of them around. And then there are watches like the 6538, and you won’t buy those either because you don’t have the budget. I guess these astronomical prices explain why you are not reading a hands-on review today, but rather, a pious wish for the next Rolex release. I didn’t buy the 6538 back in 2011, and I’m afraid I won’t buy it in 2031 either. But anyway, why do I like it at all?

It’s the ultimate Submariner

The perfect Rolex Submariner copy watches debuted in 1953 alongside the also-mighty Rolex Explorer. Early references with pencil hands don’t speak much to me. Reference 6200 gets me more due to its “Explorer” dial. But it wasn’t until I spotted a 6538 that my imaginary search for the ultimate Submariner came to an end. Honestly, I couldn’t care less how many Seans or Dr. Nos wore the Submariner 6538. It just had the most confident crown ever put on a wristwatch and, for me, the most iconic splash of color ever seen on one too.

Triangular red magic

Well, in terms of color ratios at least, we can call it a red splash. Technically speaking, it’s not a splash, but rather, the most carefully designed triangle in the history of dive Swiss movements Rolex replica watches. You may call me crazy, but I believe it’s this little shape laid perfectly in its place that makes most collectors crave this watch. Either they want or they don’t want to admit that they do. It has some kind of special aura. The triangle is not just flat red, though. Instead, it’s a vivid metallic shade. I would never have thought that such a tiny element would have such a game-changing effect. It has been almost four years, but I am still endlessly jealous that RJ had an intimate one-on-one session with this 6538.

Why won’t we see it again?

Well, I guess for all the reasons that I like it so much. First is its simple and functional no-BS case that measures just 38mm wide. Last year, I opened my wrist to a few 41mm watches, but I still find that nothing beats the 38mm diameter. Rolex super clone watches for sale did some crazy stuff recently, like moving the date and crown to the left, but I do not expect the brand to shrink the Submariner back to 38mm. No matter how much I would like to see it, I just can’t believe it will happen. Anyway, how would you feel about going back to 38mm again?

Thoughts on crowns and guards

The major switch that gave extra muscle to the cheap Rolex Submariner replica watches case came with the introduction of the crown guards in 1959 with ref. 5512. This was about the time that the 6538 came to the end of its three-year run. In general, that’s how I divide Submariners — the pre-crown-guard Submariner I naively wish for, and the later crown-guarded models I will probably end up with. That’s right, there’s still no Submariner in my collection. I was so close to getting one three years ago, but… em… I fell asleep and missed the bus to Germany. And eventually, I ended up spending the budget on a GMT-Master 1675 instead.

Crown guards dramatically change the body structure and make it stronger. Well, they make the Submariner case what it is today. But, if you ask me, I don’t need them. That’s also one of the reasons why the “Ed White” is the last “acceptable” vintage Speedmasters for me. The Speedy’s crown guards may provide some protection, but they kill the lightness and pure simplicity of the utilitarian watch case.

That brings us to another unique point and the reason why the 6538 carries the “Big Crown” nickname. Just look at that 8mm-wide crown and tell me frankly, does that watch need any crown guards? Not in my eyes. Because anytime I look at “Big Crown” Submariner 6538, I see Dwayne Johnson. And you wouldn’t succeed if you tried to tear off the head of the Rock anyway.

How many lines, did you say?

You can get… Oops, sorry… You can dream about getting chronometer-certified 6538s. These are easily recognizable with four lines of text squeezed above 6 o’clock. Allegedly, they are also more sought-after, however much more they could be when talking about a half-a-million-euro watch. But I actually prefer the non-chronometer-certified ones, and I find their two-line dials simply beautiful. You hear me, top Rolex fake watches?

What really counts is the condition. Early replica Rolex Submariner watches paypal lived their purpose, so to find an untouched piece is equivalent to winning the lottery… Assuming you won the lottery before to be able to afford one. The dials range from glossy marvels to beautifully tropical brownies. And among all the watches that age graciously, the Rolex Submariner 6538 could be the greatest of all. Each scar, light discoloration, and the muddy tone of aged lume only add to the tough character of each 6538.

A Guide To Storing Fine Wholesale Fake Rolex Watches

Whether you have one treasured watch or a collection of dozens, storing your timepieces properly is imperative for keeping them in the best possible condition. Besides ensuring that your luxury Rolex replica watches will look better, function better and last longer, proper storage can also save you money.

“Proper storage of a timepiece when not being worn is critical,” says Michael Wajszczuk, Consignment Director of Timepieces for Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills. “Certain perfect fake Rolex watches can command exorbitant premiums over retail price. This being the case, condition can heavily influence an item’s current and/or resale value. Further, should you damage your watch, repair costs can be devastating. For example, replacing a ceramic bezel on a Rolex can cost upwards of $2,000.”

To help keep watch damage at bay, follow these top storage tips.

Store watches in a dry place

“Keeping your watch in a dry environment is key to the longevity and good condition of your watch,” says Brett O’Connor, Heritage Auctions’ Senior Director of Private Sales Jewelry & Timepieces. “The biggest enemy of wrist AAA US replica Rolex watches is moisture. Over time, moisture can corrode your movement or your dial. I see it all the time – metal-plated dials that have started to rust. Once that happens, you’re in trouble.”

If you live in a humid environment or need to store your watch for several months, both O’Connor and Wajszczuk recommend using desiccant packs to absorb moisture.

“In the summertime, there’s a bit more moisture in the air than there is in the winter,” O’Connor says. “So if the storage goes from spring into summer, it can’t hurt to throw a couple of those in the drawer or safe or other space in which the 1:1 cheap Rolex copy watches are being stored, just as a safety precaution.”

Keep your watches clean

After wearing your watch, O’Connor recommends wiping it down with a soft cloth to remove oils from the metal and leather. Throughout the day, your Swiss made Rolex replica watches might come into contact with sweat, cologne or other substances, but a quick wipe-down after each wearing can keep those substances from building up.

“After you do it a few times, it will just become habit,” O’Connor says. He also notes that women should follow the same advice when it comes to storing jewelry.  “Particularly pearls,” he says, “because pearls absorb a lot of the oils and perfumes with which they come into contact.”

Consider a watch winder for automatic watches

Because an automatic wristwatch is wound by the movement of your hand as you wear it, if you have one watch you wear every day, a watch winder is probably not for you. But if you have a vast collection, or Swiss movements Rolex fake watches that you wear only on special occasions, this is a handy device to consider.

“A watch winder slowly rotates the watch like a metronome,” O’Connor says. “It keeps the watch just mildly wound, never overwound, so when you take it off the winder to wear it, you don’t have to worry about setting the time. It’s already ready to go. It’s like having your car valet – they keep it waxed and topped off, and when you’re ready to go driving, you don’t have to worry about it.”

No matter where you store your replica Rolex watches for sale, be sure they are protected

To avoid scratches or other damage, it’s essential that you keep your high quality Rolex super clone watches from coming into contact with other watches, jewelry or anything sharp.

“A fine wristwatch typically has a synthetic sapphire crystal, and though it is very durable, it’s not infallible,” O’Connor explains. “Put it up against another piece of metal or something pointy like the back of a pair of earrings and it can be scratched.”

“Regardless of the length of storage, I always recommend top Rolex replica watches to be stored in the same fashion,” Wajszczuk adds, “either in a soft pouch, which includes a card or sleeve to protect the case back, or in a box with a soft cuff surrounding the entire timepiece.”

If you want to keep your best fake Rolex watches on display, Wajszczuk recommends luxury watch cases from Wolf, Globe-Trotter, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany, but he notes that there are plentiful budget-friendly watch boxes available: “You can also find individual artists making beautiful storage options on Etsy,” he says. “Ultimately, it depends on your budget. There is a wide range of options to fit all watch lovers.”

In an ideal world, O’Connor adds, you would have a custom-fitted drawer with a dedicated space for each individual watch in your collection. But if that isn’t a possibility, and you don’t have a special watch pouch or box, wrapping your replica Rolex watches shop site in a soft cloth is a simple alternative.

“It’s an easy thing to do,” O’Connor says. “Wrap your watch in a cloth, and you’re pretty well assured that your wristwatch is going to be fine when you open it again.”

This Rare Supreme-Branded Rolex May Be The Most Obnoxious Fake Watches Wholesale Ever

There’s perhaps only one brand on the planet more desirable than Supreme, and that’s 1:1 top Rolex replica watches. But what about a collaboration between the pair? Shut up and take my money.

As it happens, this is no mere hypebeast’s pipe dream. There is indeed such a thing as Supreme AAA US Rolex fake watches. Now, in 2021, one New Yorker has got his hands on one and has put it up for sale – and it’s one rude piece of wrist candy.

Justin Reed, a creative who’s quickly gained a reputation for his ability to source rare and desirable streetwear and other ‘hyped’ collabs, caused a stir earlier this week when he listed one of these rare and desirable high quality replica watches for sale on his e-commerce platform. He’s also shed some light on the history of these cheap copy watches, which were once considered nothing but a rumour.

“[In 2013], Supreme decided to customize a small handful of best Swiss made replica Rolex watches and gift them to a select group of friends and family members of the company.. it is believed that only 20 of these exclusive luxury fake watches were ever produced,” he explains.

Specifically, the Swiss movements replica Rolex Submariner ref. 114060 ‘No Date’ watches was the model chosen for the family and friends release, with well-known British watch customiser Bamford Watch Department tapped for the commission. In this sense, it wasn’t a collaboration between Rolex and Supreme per se – although the best quality super clone watches can be considered ‘official’ Supreme goods, if you catch our drift.

“The extent of the customization work was overall rather subtle and minimal,” Reed continues. “Supreme’s ‘FUCK EM’ slogan appears in bold, red text above the Submariner name on the dial (more than slightly reminiscent of a red-line Rolex Submariner or Sea-Dweller replica watches wholesale shop), and the case-back is engraved with Supreme’s signature ‘box’ logo.”

Imagine being bold enough to walk around with that on your watch’s dial… Let alone wear such a rare Rollie.

Mounted on an Oyster bracelet, the watch Reed has for sale is far from mint condition – chipped and worn, it was fake watches store site that saw action (which we actually respect). That said, it comes with its original box, wallet, manual/chronometer certification and Rolex warranty card, as well as a unique Supreme ‘warranty card’ which adds further credence to its official status.

The price? Reed’s asking US$100,000… Or almost 10 times the retail price of a normal Submariner. Bloody hell. Undoubtedly, this is a rare and desirable Rolex replica watches paypal, but we’re not quite sure who the target market for it is.

The average Supreme fan is probably too young and not wealthy enough to spend $100,000 on a watch. Those who would have that sort of money would probably baulk at the fact it’s pretty pre-worn, as well as the fact that you’re paying a huge premium just to say ‘fuck’ to the world.

But maybe that’s the appeal. Supreme has built its reputation on in-your-face branding and being provocative. They’re a status symbol and counter-cultural force all rolled into one. 2021 China Rolex imitation watches, too, are unmistakable status symbols; they’re hardly subtle watches.