UK Best Quality Fake Rolex Submariner 16610LV “Kermit” — the original “frog watch” dissected

In 2003, perfect replica Rolex marked the 50th anniversary of the Submariner by releasing the reference 16610LV. Rolex allowed its frivolous side to shine through by introducing a fourth-generation Sub with a green bezel, the house color of the Genevan brand. The cheap fake Rolex Submariner 16610 had the letters “LV” added to the reference number, meaning “Lunette Verte.” And because nearly every sports Rolex super clone online has a nickname, this celebratory Sub also got one — “Kermit.” It’s a nickname just as charming as the world-famous green host of an enormously popular variety show.

Apart from the funky bezel, the dial of the “Kermit” also showed another change. It was a “Maxi” dial with enlarged hour markers and hands. But apart from the aesthetic changes, the UK luxury replica Rolex Kermit is every inch a Sub. There’s the 40mm Oyster case in 904L stainless steel, the Triplock screw-down crown with guards, a solid screw-in case back, plus a flat sapphire crystal with a Cyclops on top to magnify the date below. Do I need to remind you that every 16610 Sub carries a 300m depth rating and measures 12.8mm thick, 47.6mm long, and 20mm between the lugs?

Why “Kermit”?
The nickname is spot on, but it’s not just the green aluminum bezel insert that inspired it. Have a good look at the large, round white indexes, and then think of the real Kermit’s eyes. You see? The aaa quality fake Rolex Submariner 16610LV has both the color and the eyes of Kermit!

As I wrote before, a slightly rattly cheap super clone Rolex of yesteryear puts a smile on my face. Yes, the current 126610 might be objectively better; the current caliber 3235 has a power reserve of 70 hours, for instance, while the previous caliber 3135 could “only” muster 48 hours. But this slightly bigger 41mm luxury tool watch, although incredibly impressive in terms of build quality, is also a very “serious” watch. Even the current LV, the Swiss movement replica Rolex that got the nickname “Starbucks,” is not as lighthearted and fun as the original LV, the 50th-anniversary Kermit.

The current Sub looks like it has a membership to the gym and goes there three to four times a week. The top copy Rolex Kermit, on the other hand, is just a lean and athletic creature by nature. It doesn’t try hard to look fit, it just does because of great genes. And that’s why the slightly rattly Kermit makes me smile broadly.

An aluminum bezel, on the other hand, is like the nonchalant look you have at the end of a glorious day at the beach. It’s a bit wild and ruffled but casually phenomenal. The current Subs are just too good to be true, and on top of that, they are, now more than ever, status symbols. In my opinion, the high quality fake Rolex 16610LV Kermit, no matter what subspecies, is the best and last of its kind. It’s fun, special, charismatic, lively, reliable, and so many other good things. Come to think of it, it’s everything you need from your partner…I mean “watch.”

Most popular UK 1:1 Fake Rolex Submariner “Smurf” watches of all time

Swiss made Rolex replica watches are easily the most popular watch silhouettes in the world. Founded in 1905 by a visionary entrepreneur, Hans Wilsdorf in London, the brand quickly became an icon of precision, timeless elegance, and craftsmanship.

Over the years, luxury Rolex fake watches have evolved through time and trends, effortlessly blending innovation with tradition and transcending the realm of mere accessories, becoming a statement of status and opulence.

The influence of perfect Rolex replica watches uk on popular culture cannot be overemphasized as they are often spotted on celebrities, featured in blockbuster movies, and referred to in song lyrics. Among the brilliant 1:1 fake Rolex watch models, some particular designs have stood out becoming favorites among watch enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and those who have eyes for luxury.

It comes as no surprise that a Swiss movement replica Rolex Submariner is topping this list as the most popular high quality copy Rolex watch of all time. The 116619 model also known as “The Smurf” has a blue and black face dial with an 18K white gold body and features a distinct wet blue sheen on the face, a wider face, and chunky hands with numerals. The oyster bracelet and glide lock clasp also made its debut on this model. It is sold for $33,995 on Jomashop.

Cheap Replica Rolex Submariner ref. 124060 — €9,100

My first pick was always going to be a modern 1:1 fake Rolex. It was either going to be the Yacht-Master II in titanium, a GMT-Master II, or a Submariner. To solve the €25K puzzle, the Yacht-Master at €14K and the new two-tone GMT-Master II at €16.5K would each take too big of a chunk out of my budget. On top of that, Daan already picked the brilliant two-tone GMT-Master II ref. 126713GRNR. So my first pick is the current perfect replica Rolex Submariner ref. 124060 at €9,100. While it might sound like a rational choice driven by money, it’s far from that. Still, my true love for the current Sub only blossomed a couple of weeks ago when I tried it out and compared it to its predecessors.

Until that day, I would have chosen the luxury fake Rolex Sea-Dweller ref. 16600 as my first pick. But the current Sub is such a well-made and brilliantly designed watch that it’s hard to ignore as the ultimate daily wearer. It seems redundant to explain what makes the aaa quality replica Rolex Submariner such a great watch.

But I will say that I love how the Swiss movement replica Rolex designers managed to graciously sculpt a case that is the ideal replacement for its beefier predecessor. Add the perfectly balanced dial, the modern Rolex caliber 3230 with 70 hours of power reserve, and the superior build quality, and you’ll see why this high quality fake Rolex Submariner 124060 is an easy first choice.