Donald Trump Receives $75K Cheap Rolex Replica Watches Online From SteveWillDoIt … After Nelk Boys Interview

The Nelk Boys’ SteveWillDoIt gave former President Donald Trump a sweet thank you gift following their recent podcast collab — iced-up luxury US replica Rolex watches, worth $75K!

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … the ice blue platinum Swiss made fake Rolex Day-Date 40mm watches isn’t sold in stores, meaning Steve had to custom order it.

Platinum best Rolex Day-Date replica watches are known to be among the most expensive Rollies on the market — more valuable than gold models — and we’re told Trump’s has the classic wholesale copy Rolex watches ice blue face.

Trump was the latest guest on the Nelk Boys podcast, “Full Send Podcast,” which is hosted by Steve, Kyle Forgeard, Bob Menery and Salim The Dream. Steve told the former President he’d made a staggering $500k selling T-shirts with both of their faces.

Steve told Trump he wasn’t sure how to repay him — after all, his face took up half the tees — so, he splurged on the bling’d out AAA top Rolex super clone watches.

Trump’s episode of ‘Full Send’ premiered Wednesday and racked up 5 million views before YouTube took it down.

Not shockingly, Trump raised the ol’ stolen election allegations again, which violated YouTube’s terms of use. The audio version is still available on most podcast streaming services.